Sunday, October 17

Alix Lovell Blowjob POV

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Wednesday, September 1

Alix Has A Lucky Marriage

Young wife Alix slowly dresses herself up in her pure white lingerie while her husbands co-worker Damon watches in pleasure. Alix feels so lucky to have a husband that lets her fuck who she wants and Damon is her favorite cock to suck on and take every ounce of cum from.

Monday, July 19

Alix Gives Her Step Dad One More Time

Step dad Ramon knows best when it comes to touching Alix the right way. He was always there for her in more ways than one and when the time came for her to leave to college, they both decided to fuck one more time for old times sake.

Tuesday, June 8

Alix Lovell Tits For Dessert

Alix really knows how to treat her man right. He doesnt help her clean and she still finds it in her heart to cook for him. Shes got the perfect idea for dessert too. Shes going to turn her massive tits into a sundae! She covers her huge nipples with whipped cream and cherries, presents herself to her boyfriend, and prepares for an extra creamy fuck sesh. Once the whipped cream gets rubbed into her fat tits, they are perfectly slippery enough to slide your cock between. Then your dick gets nice and sweet for her to suck. Once she cleans it, her pussy is so wet by this point that she will just beg you to put it in. Watching her bodacious tits bounce around as she got rammed was to say the least. Her boyfriend returns the favor by providing her with a little whipped cream of his own, if you catch our drift ;).

Sunday, May 2

Alix Lovell in 2 Pornstars Deserve Cock

I have gotta say, Cameron Canela has certainly proven to be lesbian loving pornstar! I'm kinda proud of her. She has done everything I asked & I have a satisfied pussy to show for it. But can Cameron & her pretty lil body & face take a cock? The smart money says she can & I just so happen to have a rock hard dick right here & now. So it seems Cameron can in fact suck a mean dick.

Sunday, March 7

Alix Lovell in Cuffs for Cameron

Just look at my lesbian lover today, Cameron Canela. The minute I laid eyes on her I knew I wanted her tongue in my pussy. Now Cameron is somewhat new at this but that doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on her. You see Cameron has a deep desire to do something really nasty & dirty. I can tell believe me! I've got a pair of handcuffs & a willing pornstar friend at my disposal.